About The Artist

In 1967 Ruben Barbosa was born in Port Huenimi California. Three years later his grandparents adopted him and moved to a small town down south Texas. With three new brothers and a sister who came a year after.

At a young age art was a focus and escape from life. Sketching anywhere he could even on a desk drawing funny faces to make his friend Albert Tijerina laugh. Albert died at the age of 47.

Life brings laughter and sadness and we all share it together. After graduating high school there was a brief visit to college for two years. Heavy drinking and parties were too much of a distraction.

He picked up and moved to Austin Texas to enter another disturbing life changing experience. Worked for a small finance company to make ends meet and fell into a bad crowd and made regrettable decisions. After three years and hitting rock bottom he vowed never to be the person he needs to be.

Once again moving to Dallas Texas where he started to set roots. A special thing happened, an author, Mem Mehmet, from the UK used a painting from Ruben’s collection. Madonna. The author published, Madonna in Art a year later